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Continuous boot loop apple. black screen, off, apple...

This issue started with a change I made to the phon e with winterboard (turned off one of the background processes like ultrasnow or folders or something) When it went to reset to springboard like normal the phone entered a never ending boot loop...

From what I've heard there seems to be no way to kick the phone out of this loop, but if anyone has any ideas i'd appreciate it.

As it is I would just do a DFU restore, however I need data off the phone, I don't have any recent backups availible as my laptop hard drive failed...

Which bring me to my second question, does there exist a method for recovering data from a phone that does not get recognied by my computer or itunes?

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is winterboard a programme?app?


A cydia program for changing settings (quite a popular one)


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does itunes recognise? you could try a backup before restore.

have a look at recboot or irecovery to see if they'd be of help. there are quite a few threads on ihackintosh and modmyi about this

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Itunes does not recognize it, niether does it seem to be recognized by windows, it seems to loop before either one has a chance to recognize it. As previously mentioned all my backups were lost on my dead hard drive...


any dropping phone? maybe power processor/power button fault (ie constantly on) or battery not giving enough power to boot fully.


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