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Completley dead after hammertime

Okey here goes,

I have an iPhone 5c which I've lost during my vacation. What happened was that I hade dropped it during hotell switch from point A to point B. I realized I dropped the phone when I got in the cab. Wasn't sure where I've lost my phone so I called the hotell (remembered I had the phone just before I got in the cab) and they told me they would keep an eye if they or any other travelers found it. The day after I got a call where they said someone found it. Got very happy and the day after the phone arrived in an envelope to my new location.

When I opened the envelope I saw the phone was completely smashed. Looked like someone had used a hammer on it... Didn't think more of it and though the screen got broken when I lost it and the person who found it was a little devil and smashed the screen completely when they realized they couldn't use it because of the pin lock. Any way...now I have tried to charge it because it didn't want to turn on. Have tried all kind of reset solutions found on google and apple without any success, I've also opened it to find out if it have any water damage but all stickers where still white indicating it didn't suffer any water damage (thank god).

The screen has never turned on since then, have tried to charge it through the computer (no indication at all from iTunes or computer it is connected) and through the AC adapter. The only thing i've realized is that it get hot around the rear camera area (top right corner) when i'm charging the phone.

Does anyone have any suggestions what could be wrong and how it can be fixed?? Please help!

Update (11/27/2016)

Not sure if there is any damage on the logic board, but here are some pictures. Maybe you guys could help me with that :)

Have ordered new battery and screen, will keep you guys updated if the problem gets solved.

Block Image


Block Image


Block Image


[url=https://postimage.org/]images upload[/url]

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Well, first, take out the motherboard and check for visual damage. See if it is bent or if anything is visually missing. Give it a new battery and screen, batteries are sensitive and can be broken easily. Don't charge it until you get a new battery. Also take it out asap and put it outside to make sure it doesn't explode from the hammer damage. One the new screen and battery is installed, reassemble and see if it works. If it doesn't, just leave a comment on the answer and I will tell you what to do next.

Also, can you post a picture of it to see where it was hammered?

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Thanks, will upload a picture soon and pick apart the phone. Have ordered a new battery and screen for now :)


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Picture of the damage

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Also just get the iPhone 6s Plus.

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That's not very helpful, repairing things is better! :)


Already got the 6s and just bought the 7, was thinking to repair it and give it away to my parents. But thanks for the help haha..


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