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iPhone 6s got dropped into oil

'''My iPhone 6s got dropped into oil and I continue to use it now what do I do?

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Hi Ethan,

You have two options really, the DIY route, you could open the device yourself, and clean the logic board of the phone with 99.9% isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush, and putting it in a small tub of isopropyl alcohol, this will displace any oil on the logic board, also clean all connectors for the parts etc.

The second option is taking it to a professional that uses ultrasonic cleaning to clean logic boards etc.

Do not just try to dry the device out with a paper towel, this is wasting time, and not effective. :-)

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Hey Ethan Huxley,

Turn off your phone.

Open your phone and look if there´s any water, in your case oil in the phone.

Just clean it up and close the phone. Than just turn it on again.

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@stijntech how should it be cleaned?


I think with a paper towel.


Paper towel?


Haha I don't know man, my English is not great. Sorry for that ;-(


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