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Treadmill starts quickly but stops after 1-2 seconds

My Nordic Track C2200 treadmill accelerates to top speed and after 1-2 seconds stops. Tried changing speed but no difference. To get it to repeat I have to hit the stop button and then start(repeats and stops)

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Sounds like the motor control board has failed, shorting the motor drive switch, resulting in full speed at turn-on and possible breaker pops, fuse rips, and damaging current flows thru that motor. The lower board will be something like MC-2100 or such, available at resellers, repaired with a search for jatinah or treadmill analyzer. Good luck!

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I had an issue with my treadmill it is a Nordictrack E3000 Model No NTL1795.0. I had it in storage for a while and then moved it. When I turned it on it started really fast, then stopped suddenly. I paid to have a tech come to my house. With in minutes, he said it was the motor and what I was experiencing was because part of the motor became de-magnetized. Several Motors on this treadmill have at least a 15 year warranty on them, some have a life time. He is going to replace that first. If that doesn't solve the issue, the next area would be the mother board may need to be replaced because it is not communicating correctly with the Motor. He said that would cost me between 2 to 3 hundred to replace.

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