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Second generation of Wi-Fi iPad, released on March 11, 2011. Model number A1395. Repair is difficult and will require heat.

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iPad 2 Wi-Fi EMC 2415 battery not charging

After a screen replacement my ipad will no longer charge is it possible that the battery or charging circuit have been damage and if so how do I test this.

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Thanks Chris

Yes I done to repair myself replacing smashed screen. There is no light on screen when plugged but i will check the items you have suggested and take it from there.

James L



Thanks Chris

yes it solved the problem it was not making correct contact thanks again and have a happy and safe xmas



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Hi James, Did you do the repair yourself or through a repair shop? Either way its very possible that the ribbon cable could have been damaged or even melted when the screen was removed. First I would plug your charging into your ipad give it roughly 5 second and check to see if you have any sort of background light turn on. If you do its not your charging port. Also its possible that the ribbon cable connection was not seated properly on the logic board. If your charging cable still shows signs that it is charging your batter could be bad and may need to be replaced.

I hope that helps!

Best of luck,

Chris D

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