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Touch ID fails, double tap works

Hi everyone!

After I replaced the screen (screen only) on my iPhone 6S, the Touch ID fails - even though the double tap for one-handed mode works.

I already transfered the small conductive plate beneath the connector (like described in Touch ID not working after screen replacement?) and took everything apart and reassemled it plus did a factory reset and disconnected the battery.

I was very gently while transferring the home button to the new screen - there is absolutely no optical damage.

What would be the next, you would try?

Could it be a problem, that I used the phone for testing purposes with another display and home button for some time?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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The chances are the home button extension cable may be faulty on the replacement iPhone 6s screen, every screen comes with it assembled together.


Well, that's worth a try! I'll check it with the old broken display tonight. Thanks :)


Didn't work with another screen. Either the Touch ID IC is broken or ... :-(


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I had a very similar situation with a iPhone 6, no Touch ID after doing a screen replacement. Checked everything and nothing was damaged, tried a another screen had the same results. The next time the customer did a IOS update it started working?!!

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Yeah I had an issue like this on iPhone 5s. The customer didnt come back so I assumed the touch ID not working fixed itself.


Must have been a lucky constellation, so that apple seems to have changed something with the authentication. I'll wait for an update definitely. :D



It just started working out of the nowhere :D

Think I had a problem with my magic wand or so...


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