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The Fitbit Surge was released in 2015 and is identifiable by model number FB501BKL. This is a smartwatch that is capable of monitoring your heart rate, pace, elevation, and distance.

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Why won't my battery charge?

My battery doesn't seem to be charging. I think it is plugged into the charger properly, what else could I do?

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My fitbit is not charging.

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If your charging cable is securely plugged into your device and it is still not charging, the USB port may be faulty. Test your computer’s USB port by inserting a different device into the port and checking it if is functioning. If the port is faulty, plug your charger into a different port or a different computer.

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I don't know . Someone tell me what to do .

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I have found an easiest way to charge fitbit charge 2.. check it out..


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