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Touchscreen not work - Tested using multiple Displays


I have a iPhone 4S, touchscreen stop work after LCD replacement (Broken).

At first i think it may be from new LCD but after test with another one i have same result, no touch...

Sometimes after plug and unplug flex it start working, but after sometime or reboot no longer work. (This happen with a few trys)

Flex and ports are not damaged, pins are normal.

I have try to clean many times without success.

Block Image

Block Image

What can be?

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If you are sure the displays you have tried are working, it pretty well narrows it down to board level problems. It could be the digitizer connector on the board or possibly the touch IC. I'm just not sure how far you want to go on a device that old. I'm usually pretty gun shy about going in too deep on those, since you are almost guaranteed to break something while you are in there.

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I have edited main post with 2 images. I'm sure LCDs works, tested them in other devices and they are OK, i test with 3 different Displays. Looking at ports i think they are good


ports look good to me too.

I don't know man. It sounds like its probably the IC then. Could be something else but on a device that old...all I can do is guess.


Yes i understand. The problem is sometimes after several plugs it work and sometime after it don't :(


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