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O iPhone 5C da Apple foi lançado em 10 de Setembro de 2013. O reparo deste smartphone é similar aos modelos anteriores. Você precisará de chaves de Fenda/Philips/Torx 0.8 e espátulas de plástico. Disponível nas versões GSM ou CDMA / 8, 16, 32 GB / Branco, Rosa, Amarelo, Azul e Verde.

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Touchscreen not work within a vertical line (Change LCD does the same)


I have a iPhone 5C with a strange problem.

Touchscreen does not work from top to bottom in a vertical line, aligned with the U key on keyboard all that line does not response to touch.

Here the things i have try:

1. With 3 Different LCD from different brands - Does the same

2. Cleaning MB ports - Still same

3. Sonic bath - Still same

4. Telescope inspection, port and circuit looks clean and stable, no marks or bend pins.

Also in addition touchscreen works by itself typing and random click everywhere - This happen sometimes, with or without plate shield on LCD and screws on of off.

Can't find a resolution... Maybe a bad cap or or component?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Anyone experienced the same problem?

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The pictures show an awful lot of residue on the logic board. Was this before or after the the ultrasonic cleaning? The board should be perfectly clean.

If you have tried multiple LCD's and inspected the connectors then I would focus on the backside of the logic board and look at the area surrounding the Touch IC's. The iPhone 5C is susceptible to micro-fractures due to the weaker plastic housing. These are really hard to see, you need to ramp the magnification to 30X.

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Was after cleaning. It may be contact spray i don't renember.

30x is to much for my equipment, only have up to 20x.

Anyway i have returned the phone to customer, will cause more bad than good if you go mess with the MB.

It still work beside that vertical unresponsive line.

Thank you


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