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Dell Inspiron 531s desktop computer.

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Computer won't power on

Computer won't turn on seems to have no power

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@wrc1970 what have you checked? Power to the outlet? Checked your power supply? You have a multimeter? The more information you can give us, the greater the chance of getting valid answers.


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> If your computer is not opening so firstly you need to check your switch is on or not on maybe your didn't on your power switch.

> You can check your power cable also. You can take out this power cable and put in another computer so like this you can check your computer power cable.

> Maybe your power cable port is not working.

> You can check your RAM also because some time because of dust RAM doesn't work . So you can remove your RAM and clean to pins of RAM .

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First check your power switch from the wall if its working fine the check your power cable which is connecting with your computer then or may be check your power cable port is not working or check your motherboard because some time its happen that your motherboard is not pass through the power to the circuit and remove the RAM from your computer and put it back it'll gonna help you.

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