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The Hott T725-8G is a 7-inch Dual Core 5-point touch screen Android tablet.

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Why isn't my HottT725 charging?

I have tried charging my tablet using a couple different power outlets with still no charge. I'm not sure if it's the power adapter or the tablet itself. Any advice?

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If the device isn't holding a charge there might be a multitude of problems with it. There might be dirt in the power jack. If there is dust or dirt make sure to use pressurized air to blow the dust out of the jack. The power check might be loose or not fit correctly. Make sure the power jack is fit snugly. If it doesn't you might consider replacing the power adapter. It also may be a problem with the battery. Make sure the light to the adaptor is on. If the tablet powers on while it is charging the the battery is faulty. In this case you must replace the battery. A third issue might be there are too many apps or processes running. This could use more charge meaning the battery wont charge. Make sure you shut down the apps to allow the tablet to charge.

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