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Released in April 2011, the D5100 replaces the D5000 as one of Nikon's popular consumer DSLR cameras. It features a replaceable Nikon F-mount lens.

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I can't turn my Nikon on

I just bought my Nikon and after a couple weeks of using it, I tried to turn it on again and it won't come on. I already tried buying a new battery. Sometimes when I turn it on a sing legreen flash from an indicator in the bottom right of he camera will come on but nothing happens.

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Do the electrical connectors in the camera where the battery connects to look clean, no corrosion on them?


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you've just bought a new battery so we will rule that out assuming its a genuine Nikon battery and not some cheap 3rd party copy.

the first thing to do is give the battery compartment a good clean, making sure there is no dust, debris or corrosion preventing a proper contact with the battery.

Next you'll need to open up you camera and check the connections between the battery and motherboard are good.

you can follow this guide to open up your camera

Nikon D5100 Motherboard Replacement

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