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Touch Screen sometimes doesnt work

Hello Peeps,

this is my first post soooo.

Well let me explain the problem here. I bought an iPhone with screen defective i changed the screen and noticed that the touch doesnt work always. Means

I have to lock and unlock again again till it start working but then it stops and i have to do the proccess again. I bought another screen and replaced it again but the same problem stills. When the iPhone gets warm then the touch screen "okay".

Just to know I'm ready to resolder something because im a Microsolder :D

Edit: It is an Orginal Apple Screen from an Working iPhone 5

Best Regards From Germany

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This is a common problem with bad quality copy screens

It is believed that the static from swiping the phone causes the problem and locking/unlocking resets it

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Yeah but it was a Apple Screen from an working iPhone 5 :/


Oh, not sure then


Check the digitizer (touch screen connector) on the board for any liquid damage.

Remove the black plastic tape cover thingy that is around the front screen connectors on the logic board to allow looking at the components near those connectors for any corrosion or liquid damage. If you do find liquid damage use 95%+ isopropyl alcohol to remove / clean them. I usually use like a clean toothbrush or some brush to brush the corrosion off / clean the board.

corrosion or liquid residue.


I removed it but the problem stills.....


You removed the liquid damage?


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