The HP Compaq 2510p has a part number GM651AW and was released June 2007. It features an Intel Core 2 Duo ULV processor and 12.1 inch display.

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My laptop keeps getting really hot and crashes.

When I use my laptop for long periods of time, it begins to get extremely hot, especially underneath. Every once and a while I notice when it gets to this extreme temperature, it will also crash and I have to restart. Can anyone help me?

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Your machine is overheating and tripping the safety shut off.

First thing to do is to open it up and blow out the fan. Then remove the fan and clean the vent.

Next, it is probably due for new thermal paste to help transfer heat. This machine is 9 years old and some of the pastes can dry out and cease to function well.

Here's how to apply thermal paste: How to Apply Thermal Paste And the paste: Arctic Silver Thermal Paste

Here's a video on how to clean your fan:

Arctic Silver Thermal Paste Imagem


Arctic Silver Thermal Paste


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I'm sorry, I did not see that this was a student question. But it does provide an example for how a student should answer a question well.


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Just Try reseting it.

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May have excessive dust inside vents. Try using a compressed air tool to clean out the vents.

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