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iPhone 6 backlight. No backlight but all components tested

So I have this iPhone 6 with no backlight..connects to iTunes and all that good stuff but no backlight at all (display or backlight...just pure darkness).

Upon inspecting the diode and coil looked horrible but filters looked great as well as lcd connector.

I've checked all 3 filters and all have correct resistance.

3 main smoothing caps were shorted but fixed that, as well as small cap between diode and coil was shorted...thats fixed as well.

Swapped out the diode and backlight driver and still just getting a pure black screen.

My next thought would be the coil but trying to prevent that if possible due to how much heat you need to put on it to remove it. It being near cpu obviously want to limit heat.

Question is if it is the coil would it still show no backlight at all or would it show some backlight.

Also would the display pmu ti chestnut ic be a possible solution? Haven't messed with that yet.

Any suggestions?

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Hey @mdrecovery, I just found this question...I'm sure you could easily answer it now :>).


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if it was the coil it would have backlight it just wouldnt get to full brightness. the coil boosts the power for backlight.

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