iPhone 5S Press/Hold Powr - Logo appears, then disappears. No boot.

Hello all,

We have an iPhone 5S in for repair. Originally customer told us it was a battery issue and cracked screen. We installed new batt + new screen and the issue still occurs.

Issue: Apple logo appears when pressing down power, but logo disappears after approx. 4 seconds.

Testing we've performed and discoveries:

- Hold down POWER and logo appears. Disappears after 4 seconds give/take. Can press POWER again, same issue occurs.

- When I press down POWER for a second or so until logo appears and release, logo disappears and I can no longer hold or press power to get logo to reappear. When this occurs I can hook it up to an Apple charge cable, unplug from cable and can duplicate the same issues again.

- Hold POWER + HOME for 10 seconds does nothing.

At this time we've tried:

- Another battery

- Another test screen

- Issues not resolved

- Hooking up to PC and power/home to reset/put in restore mode (PC does not recognize device)

We are thinking:

- Possible charge port issue?

- Possible power button issue?

If anyone has thoughts/suggestions please let me know.

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Unplug the power button flex and plug in the charging cable and see if the apple logo goes on and off.

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Try to put into DFU mode while connected to computer and see if iTunes recognizes it if it dose you still have another way to fix it but i'll have to be restored . Sorry to say this but there is not way to fix this and preserve the user data. Alternatively you can replace the mother board.

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Double check the battery connection. Try a third battery if possible. It's acting a lot like a phone that's plugged in with no battery. Ensure its a working battery with a charge.

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Try Recovery Mode it should work

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