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Hewlett-Packard began manufacturing personal laptop computers in 1993.

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Impossible to install W7 instead of W10

Is anyone can help me ? I have bought a new computer which has Windows 10 on it.

I want to remove it and install windows 7 as a replacement. But it doesn't want that. It tells me that some driver is missing (Something about the sata) Someone knows about this ?

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Hi look on the homepage for the laptop and download sata drivers to a usb disk. When installing Windows 7 you have to push the (I think it was) F6 button so the install will ask you for the extra drivers you want to add. Then you choose the drivers on the usb stick and Windows should load them, then seeing the SSD or HDD on the laptop and you can continue with the windows 7 install.

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To better re-word this, note down the model number of your laptop and go to HP's driver support area of their website and search for drivers that are called SATA AHCI Installation drivers, these are the ones you need to allow the Windows Installation to detect the hard drive that is installed into your system.


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