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Can I use a contact cleaner against salt water?

Hello, my phone fell in the beach for 5 seconds. I have it in rice, but read that you need to use isopropyl alcohol to clean it. The problem is I cant find it anywhere.

Can I use a contact cleaner (like Sabo contact cleaner ) to clean my phone instead of the isopropyl alcohol?

This is the product:[|]


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The idea is that IPA displaced the water and then evaporates much faster. Contact cleaner may do that but IPA is about 100x cheaper and is known to work.

The downside is that you put your phone in rice. The best option would have been to turn the power off, then clean with IPA before you powered it on and for sure before you connected a charger.

Here is iFixit's video on water damage. It will explain a lot.

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Look at Rite-aid, Wal-mart, they have it pretty much anywhere that is a store. Try near the pharmacy section. Also you might as well take the phone out of the rice; its not doing anything anyway. I don't think that contact cleaner will work though.

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