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What format should I use to run mac os x?

there is two types of format, Fat 32 and NTFS, which one should i use? what i did is to make a disk partition.

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both FAT32 and NTFS are for originally windows based machines. Mac can address both kinds but not "run" from them.

To run Mac OS you need an HFS+ partition. (probably also need a swap partition, usually Mac OS does all this for you, this guess of mine is based on how Linux systems are setup).

If running more then one OS on a dell with MAC OS can be tricky, only 4 primary disc partitions can be created. (at least with my linux and windows experience).

To format to HFS+ see the program listed in your other question. Simply creating an HFS+ partition may not be enough.....

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Good answer Brian. What he is trying to do is make a Hackintosh and does not appear to be willing to do the study required. + for your answer.


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Format it to FAT32, then boot it from the install disk, and reformat to HFS+ (Mac OS X extended). Mac OS X cannot r/w NTFS, but it can r/w FAT.

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