Is my battery the problem or my lightning connected port

I plug my iPhone 5s in to charge and it responds saying it's charging then it comes on and doesn't get past 1%? I tryed 2 other chargers aswell and that's no use? So I was wondering if I need to replace the battery or the lightning port connecter? Thanks

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Or just try another charging port dock (charger port ribbon cable / flex assembly) first then another battery.

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Well the first thing you want to do is some troubleshooting on the iPhone to see why it's not charging. The phone would need to be opened and with a muti meter test the charging port, then test the battery to make sure the correct amps are going to the device. If the battery and charging port are good then it may be a U2 IC chip which is on the motherboard and would require soldering to replace the chip.

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Neither, could be board problem.

It could be the charging IC Q4, especially when USB data works, replaced battery and still not charging.

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