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missing mother board components

Hello, ive got an Iphone 5 here, that is missing some components from the board near the front camera / speaker connector.

The symptoms the phone is experiencing is:

- front camera doesnt focus

- no sound from earspeaker

Are these missing components the cause of the issue, and is it ok to just bridge them?

Block Image

Block Image

I hope the photos show.

I have soldering equipment and a microscope etc but im new to microsoldering

Any help appreciated


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@dicko none of these components should be bridged unless you do not like your phone.

Block Image

Reference designator FL52 is a 70OHM 300MA inductor in a 1005 package

Reference designator FL51 is a 70OHM 300MA inductor in a 1005 package

Reference designator DZ17 is a 12V-33PF Zener Diode in a 1005 package

Reference designator C119 is a 10UF 6.3V 20% capacitor in a 0402 package

This answer is to identify the missing components, not to diagnose your board. The best thing to do is to replace the missing components and to clean what looks like corrosion. After that reevaluate for any deficits.

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Hi, thanks very much for the reply.

Could you possibly link me to a supplier for these parts? thanks very much


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I agree mostly with old turkey. But If you just connect the top two spots together (not the two on the right) you should get the ear speaker working again. Not the way it should, but working. If you can, you should get the right parts. What oldturkey didn't tell you, is that the missing components in your picture aren't for the camera, so you need to hunt for something else to fix that. You may want to trust the advice of a more experienced person than me though. eg. oldturkey ;)

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