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How can you replace the battery in a HyperMac/HyperJuice battery pack

Hello, I have one of the first models of the HyperMac (HyperJuice) battery packs.

Model: MBP-100

HyperMac External Power for MacBook version 1

Rated 14.5V-18.5V (4.5A Max) 100Wh

It is not holding a charge for that long anymore and I want to know if anyone has successfully replaced the batteries inside?

The warranty is long past and I'm willing to ignore the Do not disassemble notice.

I asked Sanho if they can do it, but they said that it isn't replaceable.

But I'm not really wanting to toss this out just yet as the circuitry is working just fine.

Cheers and thanks!

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Just wondering if anyone has tried this yet?


I have 2 150's that have been dead for a couple years. Hyper has lost my business for future batteries due to this problem.


Did you have any luck with this? I've purchased some 18650 batteries and stupidly didn't take a photo of how the batteries were setup before disconnecting them. If anyone's able to take a photo of the internal battery tray it'd be much appreciated,


@rhodesy22 did you ever get the batteries figured out?

How did you get into the case?

can you provide a bit more information on the batteries that you bought? Pictures and where from and how much?

If you can do this for me then I can try to venture into mine and see if we can figure this out together if you haven't already.

Cheers, @skippingrock


Hi. To get into the case there’s four screws, two on each corner. Then there’s a sticker in the middle on one of the long sides. This screw holds the battery pack in place. Remove the sticker and take that screw out (five screws total). I’m about to attempt to repair mine. I really hate this company, bought this in 2015, used it maybe twice, died about a year later. Always wanted to fix it but never had time, now I’ve got time. These look like vape batteries. Are they 18650s? Should be easy to fix this if they are.


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Here’s a diagram I just made of the battery layout

Mine is the MBP2-100 (controller board says V2)

I asked the company (Sanho) for help and they ignored me

Block Image

Information about the batteries:


Model:LGDAS31865 (ICR18650S3)

Capacity:2200mAh Rated

Voltage:3.60V Nominal

Charging:4.20V Maximum

1075mA Standard

2150mA Maximum

Discharging:3.00V Cutoff

430mA Standard

3225mA Maximum

Description:Blue Cell Wrapper

White Insulator Ring

18650 Form Factor

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