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This device is a single-speed handheld router designed for woodworking. The original 690 router has been around since 1973, and since then minor improvements have been made.

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Why won’t my router turn on?

When I switch the power button to the on setting it does not turn on.

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First check to make sure the router cord is plugged into a working wall outlet. If the router still does not work, check the cord to make sure there are no splits or cuts in the wiring. If any splits or cuts are found, please talk to a professional about repair, or contact the manufacturer about replacement. If none of these seem to be a problem, the router may be faulty (if brand new). In this case contact the manufacturer about replacement. If the router has been used before but has randomly decided to not turn on, the motor may have been overused, or the power switch may need to be replaced. In these cases, contact the manufacturer or a professional to inspect the router.

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