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Charge problem 50% shut down j5 not 2016

- "I have a Samsung galaxy j5 (j500f) and i have a charge problem" -- because it falls within my area of expertise. I just need a few more details about your situation and I will get to work!

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have you tried replacing the battery


i tried 2 different battries and it don't works


some one else can help me ?


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The most common solution if you have problems like battery turns off before it reaches 0-5%, is that you have to replace the battery. Problems like this is common when the phone is getting older, iPhone models has this problem very common and therefore battery replacements are very popular.

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Have you tried to factory reset the phone?


I tried :) i changed the battery and i flashed it :/


how i can do it


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Please tell me i have samsung galaxy j5 2016 and when i wake up the saturday morning i use my phone i unlocked turned on the wifi and my front-flash turned automaticly and my processor was warm i unplugged my battery plugged back and i power on my phone the battery was 38% and it comes to 2%..I put to charge and my phone was charging so slowly after 1/2 days i go bought a new battery and this not working.. Please if somebody have fix for this tell me!!!!

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