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horizontal lines, disortion and ghosting, then 5 x red dot

Hi all,

My sony bravia ( 4 years old)was giving me picture disortion, ghosting and horizontal lines in the upper side of the screen. I will add a picture of this.

it is a sony bravia kdl40hx850 serie

This is what i did :

i did a self test : was ok.

then i took a look a the main menu : the picture was the same , so lines and disortion trough the menu as well. ( so i asume no BAPS problem? )

i opened the back panel and moved ( gently wiggeld ) the lvds ( lcd ) cable that is connected to the T con board. the screen turned a little pink, but still the same problem.

I checked the golden thin flat cables connecting the lcd panel as well , but nothing changed.

i ckecked all the pcb's for leaking chips or transistors and condensators ( or blown condensaotrs) but no visible damage.

after doing this , i tried the tv to power up. i didn't get picture only 5 times a blinking red dot at the stand by dot ( in the service manual i read that it could be a t con error, lvds cable error or a p_id_err panel: eeprom 12 c nack error ( so a reading error on a chip i asume? ) ( i tried to check the diodes but it didnt work.. no measurement... did i do something wrong? )

than after all this i checked the voltage on the g6 board ( power board or static convertor board) i measure 4.2 variable ( between 3.0 and 4.2) volts dc on the powercable tot the t con board. this has to be 12 v dc.

here stops my knowledge...

is there a solution or does someone knows what caused this problem(s) did i do something wrong? ( diode check.. or ..)

if i take a look to the troubleshooting page in the service manual i see 1 possible problem and this is the lvds cable.. but all the rest have to work than .. ?

the spare parts for this are ridiculous expensive in europe.. i don't know why...

( a t con board about 300 dollar ( 278 euro) and a g6 static convertor ( 190 euro ( about 210 dollar) and the lvds cable 100 dollar..

thanks in advance and sorry for my incorrectly english..

Update (10/16/2016)

Block Image

Block Image

those are the pictures of the tv screen. i forgot to add these

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also did a hard reset but didn't work..


@kevind add a coule of images with your question. That would allow us to see what you see. Right now it does sound like a T-Con board error.


ok thanks old turkey, i was hoping you would answer this question .. :) i forgot to add the pictures. i just add them now. i tried to add a movie but it is not possible. thanks in advance


@kevind disregard the T-con board. This is not related to it. Lets see what we can find


i retested the t con and i have no measurement on the diode ( DC) , if i do the diode test i get measurements.. did i do something wrong? @ old turley do you have some more info? thanks in advance


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Kevin, Check the attached Sony TV trouble shooting video, good info. Sony Bravia TV kdl- red blinking led light error codes & solutions, possible internal LCD short but do check link for more info.

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thanks L Pfaff , i already checked this video but it was not helpfull for me .. unfortunately.. i was also thinking for a lcd short.. but how big is the chance that the t con and g6 convertor board are giving problems at the same time. did i do something wrong with measuring the boards?

thanks in advance


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