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Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Why my wifi loose connection with audio internet media?

My laptop : macbook Penryn

Intel Core 2 Duo 2,1 Ghz

Every time I use internet with an audio media like deezer, souncloud, youtube or anything else, first there is some small freezing and cutting of the entire system then I hear a click in the speakers and the wifi symbol becomes grey.

I realised that when I suspend and come back to the session it works again.

I have to do it every time and I can't listen anything more than few minutes.

Any help, opinion or advise will be most welcome.


Update (10/14/2016)

The strange thing is the wifi connection works perfectly with the OS 10.6.8. on hard drive disk.

So how 10.7.5 (or 10.7.2) can be less steady with the wifi ?

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Thank you all for your advises.

But I want to know, what happen when I suspend the session and when I come back ?

I mean why the wifi comes back by this way and not when I switch on and off the airport ?

For information I already changed the wifi card, I have 6 GB of RAM and I have and 250GB SSD for the OS 10.7.5.

[ The dual drive trick doesn't works because of the speed difference of buses between the hard drive bus and the optical drive bus.

If anyone have done it and can use the ssd for the system, the disk for personal informations and to point to this last I am intersted... ]

I promiss when I'll get enough money I'll get a new one.


There are a couple of things here that effect your WiFi connection. First I would get the WiFi explorer app and setup my AP so its on a better set of channels if I have multiple ones overlaying on mine. Once done I would go into the WiFi settings and delete all of the connections under the advance option (with the Airport turned off). Then I would enable the AirPort via the menu and select the correct connection. It may take a moment as the broadcast needs to be seen. With that now entered in the settings you should be fine now. You should also enable 'Ask to Join New Networks' that way you can discriminate who's you join.

Lastly, If you are watching a video and turn the WiFi connection off, it is likely the session to the server will be expired so you'll need to reload the page. Some video feeds are self repairing as an example playing a vid in iTunes. While others are not as forgiving.


As you replaced the AirPort card you may have put in one that is not supported by the OS fully. Can you tell us more about it here.

Your comment on using a dual drive setup is true these older systems use a PATA optical drive which is slower than SATA I speeds. I wouldn't waste the effort. Instead I would get a FireWire external drive and use it. USB is also very slow in this series.

You also have an issue with using a SSD drive in this older system which depending on the SSD you got could be an issue as Lion does not support natively TRIM services. You'll need a third party add on to get TRIM working. Some SSD's have their own cleanup services which takes care of the SSD behind the scenes here so you may not need it.


Did you apply all of the updates for it? Using a wired connection see if your up to date going to the App Store.


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Lets start off focusing on general performance issues:

  • Not enough RAM: Many don't have enough RAM for the newer Apps. This system can support 6 GB. I would upgrade it if its still running 2 or 4 GB.
  • HD very full and/or highly fragmented: See if you can free up 1/4 of the drive. You may want to think about upgrading it if you still have 120 GB drive. You may want to think about going with a hybrid drive (SSHD) Vs a standard HD drive. The best drive here is: Seagate (500 GB or 1 TB). Your system only offers a SATA I (1.5 Gb/s) so you do need a drive that supports this older standard. This is one of the few that do. Defragmenting is often needed on older systems. You'll need a external bootable drive to do it. If you don't have an external drive I would recommend just replacing the internal drive, as the app you'll need in addition makes it cheaper just replacing the drive. For reference here is the one I use: Drive Genius
  • Clean out the old cache & log files. This App makes the job much easier: Disk Doctor or something similar to it.

Once the system is tuned up you should see an improvement. If not then you may have a WiFi connection issue that needs to be diagnosed.

Your system has a 802.11n WiFi adapter so you shouldn't need to replace it.

You may want to check your WiFi routers settings to make sure you are connecting at the ideal frequency. What can happen is the area you live in may have multiple AP's which are stepping on each other which interferes with your throughput. You'll need to get a good WiFi signal monitor like this one: WiFi Explorer it will allow you to see what AP's are near you, then you can alter your WiFi Routers settings so you can move yours to a different range. You also may want to alter your AP's name's so you can isolate out the 2.4 GHz Vs the 5.0 GHz bands. I add the numbers 2 & 5 to my AP's names so I can see them independently.

Update (10/13/2016)

OK, So you have a SSD installed, in some ways that simplifies things!

No file fragmentation on SSD's so you don't need to worry about that. But you do have to have to be careful on the amount of free space SSD's need a bit more otherwise you'll overwear some of the drive. I strongly recommend you leave 1/3 of the drive free on these smaller drives. Make sure your SSD is rated for SATA I (1.5 Gb/s) otherwise you can encounter issues.

I would still clean out the old cache & log files. As well as tune up the WiFi router so you can get better throughput.

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I have to agree with Justin here we do try to offer options to extend a system as long as possible,

But, you do need to keep an eye on how much you're willing to put into an older system like this one. Don't over spend! Save your pennies for a newer system (new or used).

If you've just a web surfer you'll get at least one more year but keep in mind Apple is no longer offering security & maintenance releases for Lion (10.7.5) so you do need to be careful.


@danj Great troubleshooting write up!


@jberman - Thanks!


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The culture on the answer forum that i've noticed is that we are always willing to help no matter how old the device may be. We take pride in finding solutions to problems that our electronics give us, even if some opinions state that certain devices have a planned obsolecence date.

After i've determined this isn't an operating system issue, the first thing I would try would be to order a new wifi card in, and isolate the issue further before calling it a logic board. Don't get to deep into this problem because it looks like you can buy a used model for right around $250-$300

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@jberman Please expand your profile so we can get to know you better. Your thoughtful answers have been noted. But in your profile picture, you look like a block head ;-)


Haha i'll get on that @mayer


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Your issue is that your laptop was made 8 years ago. I think it would be wise to buy a new laptop.

If that's not an option, update you computer to the latest Mac OS supported and start using Google Chrome as your default browser (Better than Safari).

I hope this helps.

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