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iPhone 6 no sound

i have an iPhone 6 and one day i opened it to replace the battery after i start it up

i noticed that the iPhone has no sound at all when i open youtube app shows an error Playback Error , snapchat won't load videos instagram too and i pluged in the headphones and the sound work perfect when i connect with a bluetooth speaker the sound work perfect too. i tried to change the speaker change the chargning port but no luck. i have more .. when the phone is on and i plug the headphones don't show me the volume HEADPHONES but Ringer so i have to reboot my device to activate the headphone mode

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My guess is you broke the power/volume flex when removing the battery. Did you have to use pry tools to change the battery or did you use the pull tabs?

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no i know how to remove the battery just by pulling out the glue under it but it's not the problem there i have replacet the motherboard (my motherboard) into another iphone 6 (works very well) but my motherboard still do not support sound in any speakers


Good. I'd still try a new volume flex. Its a good starting point.


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Hello. In my opinion it's not volume flex damaged. But ive got questions for You :

1) Does your phone getting lag when trying to rec a video, or trying to watch any video with sound on YT

2) Does Phone lag while some1 calling you, when you have sounds turn on , and does he works properly when you have sounds off ?

When phone works properly on headphones You could have damaged sound IC, it's very expensive in repair, and very dangerous, beacause its "under" screen connections on Mainboard.

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