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Modelo A1502 / processador 2,4, 2,6 ou 2,8 GHz de dois núcleos / Lançado em outubro de 2013

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What to clean and what not with isopropyl alcohol? liquid spill

Hello guys

So i spilled ice tea on my macbook pro 13" retina display late 2013, since then i'm getting a file with a question mark when it tries to boot, recovery mode didn't work because he didn't find my ssd, opened it up but now...

What can i clean with the isopropyl alcohol and what not? can i clean the ram? the ssd? the full logic board? I've got all the parts out of it except for the battery,keyboard and mousepad (if you can tell me how to do that feel free to help).

I'm really stuck here, because scared that i damage it more..

thanks alot!

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Surprising pure water (H₂O) won't hurt electronics! It's the salts and other junk of your tap water or spilled drink thats harmful.

So to clean things you'll need to use both distilled water and reagent quality isopropyl alcohol (85% or higher will do).

You'll need to use the water to clean out the sugar and acids of the tea. Then you'll need to use the isopropyl alcohol to wash down the parts again to act as a drier to pull the excess water out. You still need to let the parts air dry as well. I use a sunny window sill or if you are very careful a pre-heated oven only set to warming (turned off when you put the parts in).

You'll likely need to replace a few parts here. But first give your logic board and SSD a good clean after taking them fully out. I would get a non metal container to dip the parts into. You'll need a soft toothbrush to scrub down any areas that have oxidation. Do be careful! As you don't want to over scrub.

The battery and other parts will need spot treatment. Do be careful with the battery as you don't want to short it out.

Update (10/13/2016)

I wouldn't go crazy here as many parts won't need to get fully wet.

As an example I would spot clean the ribbon cables. Use a slightly dampened paper towel to wipe them down (changing them out enough so you're not re applying the junk). Use cotton swabs (Q-Tips).

Just wetting them won't be enough as I suspect you have corrosion damage which will need a soft tooth brush to hopefully clean off.

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thanks man! so the alcohol and water can't damage anything like the ssd/logic board or ram?

Btw, can I clean the connectors of the ribbon cables with alcohol as well?


Yes! As I said distilled water (Pure H₂O) and isopropyl alcohol (85% or higher) are safe cleaners.


thanks man! been waiting to hear that for 2 days, now i can finally clean everything.


I tried everything, i've put everything back in the macbook, but still, a flashing folder with a question mark...


To you have a friend with a Mac which you can connect your system in Target Mode? Or, if you can create a bootable USB drive off of with the OS installer?


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Don't get liquid on the heatsync unless you plan on re-applying thermal paste.

Have you booted to an external drive to see if you can wipe the SSD in Disk Utility and do a fresh install? If the SSD is not visible in that scenario I would re-seat it and try again before resorting to cleaning the entire logic board. And even then, I would examine the entire board for corrosion and just remove the corrosion before I arbitrarily starting scrubbing down the whole thing. (I'm assuming you don't have an ultrasonic cleaner.)

Personally I use 99% alcohol. 85% alcohol is 15% water....

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I tried everything, i've put everything back in the macbook, but still, a flashing folder with a question mark...


Flashing Question mark , I believe that means it can not find the hard drive. I would try another hard drive , or see if that one works in another MacBook.


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