TV will not turn on. What to do now?

The timer light stopped flashing but now the TV will not turn on. What to do now?

Update (10/08/2016)

The TV is Mitsubishi 73734 model.

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krabbster what model is it? How many times did it blink? What have you tried? Unplugged it for 15 min to reset it?


I have unplugged the TV for 3 days, hit the rest button, and changed the lamp.


When you plug it back in are you getting any flashing diagnostic lights? If so, count them and see if there is a pattern and let us know.


When the TV is plugged back in the timer light just keeps blinking. If I push the menu and input button at the same time the light blinks once and then twice and then goes off. Still unable to power up the TV.


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