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The Dell Inspiron 15 (N5050) is a mid-sized laptop manufactured by Dell, Inc. that operates on Windows 7. The laptop features include a WLED HD display screen and a max supported memory of 8 GB.

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Why won't my laptop connect to a wireless network?

I've been trying to connect to wireless networks, but my laptop won't connect to Wi-Fi. I have turned my wireless connection on and off, but it still won't work. What can I do to fix this problem?

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You can try turning off your firewall software, since this is a common issue for losing wireless connection. After turning the firewall off, visit a trusted site and see if that was the cause. Make sure to turn your firewall back on soon to keep your computer secure. You can also try to reset your router.

If you’ve upgraded Windows recently, that could be the cause of your wireless connection failure. Your current adapter might be tailored to your last Windows version, not your upgraded Windows version. You may need to get an upgraded adapter for your current version of Windows.

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Disabled firewall and still cannot connect to wireless internet


Kristy good attempt some good answers here but you missed 2 biggies! Can you connect with an Ethernet cable and how bout drivers


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