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This LG Tribute smartphone is identified by model number LS660. The device was released in October of 2014 and runs on the Android operating system.

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How to take of the Virus from the motherboard?

it keeps bring up pop- ups and has a red dot in the middle of the screen and it also downloads things by its self

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Download, install and run the following apps on your phone.

Malwarebytes for mobiles.


Avast Free for mobiles.


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it doesn't want to open the play store


Hi, Allyssa Mutrie,

In that case I suggest the following, if you can:

You need to hard reset your phone.

before you do this however, as this will erase all your downloaded apps and user data you need to save your contacts and pictures. Since a backup and restore will only reintroduce the problem try this.

1. Open your contacts app, select the settings option (usually right soft button at bottom of screen, select import/export then select the transfer from app to SD card (if you have one)

2. Connect your phone to a PC and use Windows Explorer to locate the DCIM > Camera folder in the phone. Your pictures should be stored here. Copy them to a folder in your PC.

Perform a hard reset. here is a link that shows you how todo it. Be aware that your phone will be restored to a factory default condition. It will be like when you first bought it. Make sure the battery is fully charged before you do this. Remove the SD Card when you do this.



thank you jayeff. but will i need internet to reset it?


Hi Allyssa,

No, you don't need the internet at all on your phone to do a hard reset. The link I posted is only to show you how to do it. If you have access to the internet by another way., e.g. a PC perhaps then use that to look at the link as a guide.

If you haven't got internet access by another means this is how you do it.

1 Switch off the cell phone, by holding down the Power key for a short while.

2. When the phone is off press and hold the Volume Down and Power button together for a couple of seconds.

3. When the LG logo is displayed, let go of the Power key, keep pressing the Volume Down and then press once more the Power button.

4. Release all buttons when the Factory Mode appears on the screen.

5. Confirm "erase all user data and restore all settings?" by choosing the appropriate options using Volume rockers to navigate and Power button to confirm.

6. The reset has been completed. Be patient it takes a little while to do.

Alternatively, if you can, with the phone on go to Main Screen > Settings > General > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything > OK.

Again the reset will be completed.

Good Luck.


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