My home button doesn't work?

I got my screen replaced, and noticed that my home button doesn't work, yet the finger scan does.. the guy that fixed it said he could do nothing about it and that it was my problem after he charged me $260 for wrecking it on me!! . i brought it to someone else and they said that everything was still connected and that there shouldn't be any reason for it not to work... does anyone know why this might be? TIA

Update (10/02/2016)

i should probably add that the home button worked perfectly fine before the screen got fixed!

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Sounds like whoever repaired it for you was being dodgy and replaced the screen with a defective one. The home button extension cable comes with the new screen, and that is most likely faulty with the screen which is probably why touchID is working but not home button click working.

I bet changing to another screen will fix the problem. He can do something about it, replace the home button without touch ID or change to another screen, he's just giving you the run around so that he doesn't have to go through fixing something he screwed up.

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Sue the repair company for a new phone. If they screwed up, it's not your fault. Sounds like they did something wrong and killed it. If you want to fix it yourself you can do two things;

Sacrifice Touch ID or the home button. You will have to choose one or the other, with a new home button Touch ID will not work but with the home button you have now you can still have Touch ID. Hope this helps! :)

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First, did you test the phone before you picked it up, and was the home button working? Sucks not having Touch ID but if you buy a aftermarket home button at least your home button will work but you will lose Touch ID. I would talk to the place that did the repair what type of warranty do they offer? Strange the Touch ID works because normally it's the other way around that the Touch ID doesn't work and the home button does.

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Did or could the company test Touch-ID with original Screen? Probably the "new" Screen..

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