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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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MacBook Air refuses to charge, even after heavy troubleshooting

So last night, my MBA was dead from the day before, idle killed it I guess. Plugged it in, and logged into Windows through Boot Camp with about 1% battery. When I logged in, the entire system abnormally stopped, and my MagSafe adapter's light went from Amber to Green, just out of the middle of nowhere.

I first tried different chargers, SMC resets, and nothing happened. When I plugged a MBP adapter into a family member's MacBook Pro, and then immediately swapped it to my laptop, the light would stay on it's last state, and stay on for a minute, and turn off.

I went inside my MBA, and checked all the battery connections. I even swapped out my iFixit replacement battery with the original one, nothing happened. Warmed up the power adapter, and that didn't work. Cleaned out the MagSafe port, and still, the thing won't boot or charge at all. I can't do a PRAM reset, since the laptop will not come on at all.

Right now, whenever I plug my MBA power adapter into a MacBook Pro, it'll charge the MBP. Once I plug it into my MBA, the light will return to it's last state, and then turn off within a few seconds.

Honestly, I'm pretty hopeless, and I want to avoid taking it to the Apple Store at any cost. I'm out of extended AppleCare coverage, since that expired in July. Hopefully you can come up with some suggestions.

Thanks! :)

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Alright, I'm starting to think the logic board failed at this point. I'm going to keep thinking about ways to solve it, but it isn't charging, as of 20 minutes ago.


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I let my laptop sit for 3 days, just alone, and it decided to boot on it's own. I think my battery completely drained, so it ran into some troubles.

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Try a new I/o board. The only thing I can think of is that something in there went wrong.

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That's what I was thinking early on as well. I'll have a look at the logic board and see if there's anything visually that went wrong.

From at least the surface, the MagSafe port seems fine.


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