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Repair guides and support for televisions manufactured by Panasonic.

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Panasonic tv keeps blinking won't stop

I have a Panasonic tcl42e50 and it blinks red and it doesn't seem to have a break. I tried measuring the time between each blink and it just keeps blinking at the same rate. I checked the capacitor and they're not expanding or brown. I have a video of what I'm talking about:

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Hi, As your screen seems to be working given the pictures being shown in the video you posted I'm wondering if you have a software problem. It also shows a no input signal message in the video. Have you got anything connected to any of the inputs at all? Have you tried switching to different inputs or doesn't the remote control function either? If the remote control works does pressing the menu button on the remote bring up a screen?


Offroadhen does the onboard menu show when you use the remote or the buttons?


@jayeff @oldturkey03

I had my PS3 connected to the input and it displayed momentary. I don't have the original remote for this TV. I tried using another remote from another Panasonic and some of the controls might work but, screen won't stay on long enough to show that they really do



I pressed the menu button and the menu showed until the tv turned off. I could not get through the setting fast enough to be able to find a factory reset


@jayeff @oldturkey03

Still no screen. I'd like to try the firmware update which needs to connected to the internet, right? I have NO Remote control so, this makes your advise difficult to do. My scree screen disappears after 4-5 seconds. Any other suggestions?


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Hi @Offroadhen,

Can you use the controls on the back of the TV to change the input to another source and see if that works.

If it doesn't select the Menu button and see if the menu screen appears. Go to Menu Setup and see if there is a factory reset option or a Firmware update option.

Click on image below to enlarge and view.

Block Image

Update (10/01/2016)

Hi @Offroadhen

If you get a chance to do it, try updating the firmware for the TV.

Here is a link to the page. There is a firmware download link on the page (E50 Firmware Update, the download is approx. 73Mb) and there is also a link there for the download and install instructions.

I have found some information not particular to your model but to Panasonic that there is a firmware fix that solved what is known to cause the problem of starting up and then shutting down with a slow blinking light. Not saying that this is your problem but at this stage it won't hurt to try.

Here is what in part it says:

.......The cause of the problem is due to the uneven distribution of mercury in the led backlight, which when cold, makes the start sequence slow down. The issue is resolved by changing or updating the Firmware package.

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The update won't work because the tv turns off before It has a chance to recognize it I trieda few times and nothing was happening



The best that I can come up with now (and it isn't much) is here is a link to the simplified service manual for a TC l47e50 Whilst it is not your model it may be close enough for you to try a few things. as it seems that they share the same user manual.

I am still intrigued that you get a message regarding no input. Has it ever worked properly for you? Have you tried using a normal antenna input and selecting the input by using the button on the side of the TV? I'm wondering if your 'other' remote has triggered something to cause this. Try using the service manual and see if it is set to hotel mode for instance or try to perform the self check.


The input actually does work. When you hook up a device to it it will display whatever it's showing but I don't have anything connected to it that's why it says no input


Green light blinking. I don’t know how to stop it. It’s mounted almost to area of ceiling. I can’t reach and can do ladder. I’m old and afraid


I can not do ladder


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