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How replace a cabin air filter

I have a 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 I am trying to replace the cabin air filter , looked behind the glove compartment , under the dashboard nothing.

I have been to OReilly's and LubNgo , they were not able to help me. I check on the Internet , I have been to different websites nothing. I went to nothing, I cant believe that one

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@rolivas your truck does not have a cabin air filter. GM stopped using them some time ago. They used to be under the dash but have been discontinued in the mid 2000's.

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Thank you it's hard to believe cuz there's a funky smell sometime all the time , and when I went to OReilly Auto parts store they have a replacement part. GO FIGURE. Thanks again


I have a 2013 gmc. I had the same problem, not where it’s supposed to be. So I called my dealership and it turns out I do have a cabin filter. It is under the dash. But on mine you have to drop the lower half of a black plastic casing. So for $59.00, I just let the dealership do it. That was labor and filter.


My 2012 GMC does not have an air filter in the cabin. There is a blank under the dash but it is not cut out. I did find on YouTube if you want to add one there is a kit to do so and it comes with a filter cover and screw. To install it you will need to cut out the blank install the filter and cover and screw it in place.


@mactac101 John Wood, I too have a 2012 GMC. Where did you find the kit please?


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