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tv has no picture

my KDL-40EX500 Sony Bravia lcd tv was on the floor when the cat jumped on it and knocked it over now I have no picture and looks like no power.What could be the problem

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Hi, What is the model number of the TV? Also just verifying that there are no power light indications when you turn on the TV? Was the TV powered on (not necessarily turned on) at the time it was knocked over?


Tv was not plugged in at time and there are no power lights on when plugged in and turned on.Model no KDL-40EX500 Sony Bravia


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Not being connected to the power at the time suggests that something has either come loose or has been broken due to the fall. Disconnect the power and remove the back cover from the TV and visually inspect for anything obviously broken or loose. If nothing is obvious take some close up pictures of everything in the back. Circuit boards, connectors etc and edit your original question by adding the pictures to it and someone here may be able to spot the problem

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