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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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MacBook boots fine, runs fine, but the display is very white

It looks really washed out and white. Tried fresh install of Snow but that didn't help so it's not an issue with the drivers. Any ideas?

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how the external display?


Just picked up a display port adapter and external works perfectly. Think this best shows the difference between the two:



Still trying to fix this, any ideas anyone?


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Took the display clamshell apart. Replaced the display and bam. Think it was an inverter problem. Its a shame they decided to change it from the old style displays where you could just replace the inverter. Anyway problem solved.

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Mac OS X can help save a few pennies on your electricity bills thanks to its built-in Energy Saver features, but sometimes it causes unexpected side effects. One that's especially annoying is seeing washed out colors after waking up your display.

Getting your display back to normal if your colors are washed out or look faded after waking up only takes a couple of steps, and it doesn't require restarting your Mac.

Start by choosing Apple menu > System Preferences.

Select the Displays PreferencePane.

Click the Color tab.

The Color tab kills washed out display colors

Your display's colors should return to normal as soon as you click Color.

This is an issue I've seen most commonly on Mac laptops that also use an external display. Regardless of which type of Mac you use, the washed out display issue is really annoying, but at least the fix is quick and easy.

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Good answer. +


Tried it. No dice. Fortunatley I have some super nice people working at the apple store and they decided to replace my display for me. For free! And I wasn't even under apple care. Good on them. Hopefully all goes according to plan. I will update when I get it back from them in a few days.


So got a call from them today. They said it was water damaged and won't fix it. *#%#... :(


Why didn't you mention that the machine suffered water damage from the very beginning.


Because as far as I knew it wasn't.


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Now that you know it has water damage, have you took it part and clean it MB/MBP? You should do so. After that if you screen is still acting up, then inverter did get fry, so u should replace the screen. On eBay you find some screens just make sure there for the model #A1278 MB/MBP.

Hope that helps. Good luck with that.

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Okay so I cleaned the body out. Still have the problem, is it possible there is water damage in the display housing and should I take it apart and clean the inside of it?


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