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Mic only works when in a call

i have somebody who complaned there mic didnt work sometimes like when on a call the other people couldent hear them, so naturly i replaced the microphone. to test if it worked i called someone and it worked both in speaker and not, however if i open a video recording app or the voice memos the mic picks up nothing. it is jailbroken btw. any ideas why this could be???

also if i yell into the mic loud enough it will record a buzzing sound but anything not as loud will not make any noise

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anybody got an idea?


What happens when you plug in a headset with a mic on it? Does it work then?


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I would try it with a headset microphone first. But if that does not work it could be a problem with the software.

Double check that the mic is installed correctly first and then reset the phone through iTunes if nothingness wrong with that. The only problem is this will remove your jailbreak, and if you rely on an unlock this will remove it. Unless you have a carrier unlock.

I had problems with things when I was jailbroken, but they all went away after reinstalling the firmware.

Hope this helps :)

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