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Repair information on hard drives or hard disks. Hard drives are magnetic data storage devices. They are used in most desktop, laptop, and server due to their low cost and high data density.

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Seagate Hard Drive Model ST380011A

Hey THere !!!

i messed up with mah described above ... actullay i pushed that IDE cable a bit harder ... :| ... n broke one pin mmm actually two pins ... one on the uper row n other on the lower row ... i dont know what to do know .. mah hard drive is not detected ... i used some metal pins n tried to put them in place of the broken pins .. only 1 out of 10+ attempts ... the hard drive ran .. n detected ... n showed all the data .. but then ... the pins displaced n .. again it vanished from the screen ... atleast here i know that only those broken pins are ^!^^@@^ mah hard ... so is there any ... way i can fix them ? like :D ... mah dear hard again gets alive ? :( plz help ppppp .... thanx in advance :) ...

P E A C E !!!!

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with mah hard drive ****


here is the link .. for further assistance .. you can see the red circles ... showing the broken pin spaces ... so .. plz help :) .. thanx


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I know of no one that has ever been able to fix this type of broken pin problem. For that matter no one that has ever used enough force to break them. Bent yes but not break. Sometimes things are just beyond repair.

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agreed +


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What palokiller said, but chances of success could be slim depending on the age, model, and condition. Personally, if there isn't anything valuable on the drive, chuck it and buy a new one. They're too cheap now a days to waste a ton of time on an old one.

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i would try to get exactly the same harddrive, preferably one with clicking noise failure and try to replace the electronic board.

quite frankly, just bin it and buy a new one...

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