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Mac turns off with low battery

Hi guys. I bought a new battery spare on iFixit and I've install it on my mac. Everything is apparently ok.

But it happened to me that the battery level was around 14% and the mac turned off without any screen message. It did want to turn on until I connected the magsafe. Unplugging the magsafe caused another immediately shutdown.

So i left it plugged for some time and now it is properly working.

Suggestion about which is the problem affecting my new battery? Thanks

Update (09/09/2016)

Guys, thanks for replying me.

Well, I did the SMC reset procedure as reported by Apple (connecting the magsafe, i pressed control-alt-maiusc at the left of the keyboard and power at the same time). I was sure the procedure got successful because the magsafe led turned green and then orange again.

But apparently this not worked in my case.

So i decided to open again my laptop and I performed the procedure reported not for Macbook Pro, but for the MacBook, i.e. I removed the battery and pressed power button for >10s.

Now it properly works! This laptop will never die!!!

Thanks again

Update (09/22/2016)

Hey guys. I've got a new problem now.

After some days, I've got again the message "battery requires assistance".

What's wrong now?

This is the screen which reports the battery information:

Some suggestion? Is the battery that iFixit sold me not good?

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You might want to consider resetting the SMC:

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What does the system information battery information say? You can run this directly under application/utilities folder. Look under power section. At the least, the battery health condition should be normal.

Other than that, do a SMC reset and charge the battery to 100% and let it drain couple of times and see if this problem goes away.

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I have the same problem... SMC Reset done, but no change.

Battery removed, pressed Power Button, no change.

When it´s about 7-9%, the macbook turns off without warning.

Any more ideas what i can do?

It´s a new battery from ifixit (SMP).

Thank you!

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Hi Stefan, try also to run a calibration procedure. When the mac switches-off at 7/6%, try to plug the magsafe just to turn on the PC, then wait to reach 0% and the completely switch-off.


Hi Mario,

i did not come to 0%. When i plug in the power cord the mac starts, but when i plug it off the mac is "alive" only for a few seconds... Did not come lower than 7-9%.

Tried again SMC-Reset, PRAM-Reset, Safe-Start... No Change! :/


Any update on this please Stefan? Have the same problem. Bought a replacement battery from iFixit but the battery warning doesn't come on anymore :( the macbook pro retina just turns off at 10% charge. When I plug in the charger it turn itself on


Hi Razvan,

i told my problem to iFixit, and got a new battery. This works, the other battery had a failure...


I see. How do I know if my battery has a failure also? Is there any way to test it?


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