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Dell's latest small-form-factor entry, the Inspiron Zino HD.

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Missing capacitor C388 on MLB

My aunt in law asked me to repair her Zino 400.

It's turning on to sleep mode, with solid amber power led.

I stripped it down completely and got it to power on (removed all drives and peripherals). Now it's back to amber.

Under close scrutiny, I'm missing a capacitor at point c388. She said she heard a pop when it stopped working.

How do I go about sourcing this particular component?

Block Image

Block Image

there's where the capacitor was.

from what i've googled, the board number is 03D1TV, but that's the most information i could find on it.

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@reverendalc start off by posting some hi-res pictures with your question. It will help if we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that. the next thing you need to do is, find a number on the motherboard that will tell us which board this is. Any identification number etc. can help. Schematics, if available are based on those, not on the computer model number


i've updated with photos and the board model, however dell seems to have their schema wrapped up tighter than apple! i was hoping there was some other way to infer what might've been... i'm totally capable of replacing the part, but i'm not smart enough to figure out what it's supposed to be


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I scrapped this unit and purchased a comparable hp mini for $20 at the local recycler.

Case closed

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