Why is my telescoping lense stuck

i droped the camera and now the lense does not move out to take photos

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You dropped the camera

causing the lens to jump or deform the guides that move the lens.

If under warranty see if it can be replaced... if not see if its worth fixing.

Generally these sorts of things are not DIY repairs

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what happened when you dropped the camera is that the lens was open and has offset. what you need to do is force the lens to center and it will return to its chassis location and work. (happened to me)

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A stuck lens happened to me twice - I dropped it twice!

After the first time I found a Sony service depot that told me it wasn't worth repairing, a $200 camera at the time (mine is a DSC-S600). I wasn't about to toss a Christmas gift from my kids!

I don't remember how I found them but twice now I've had the stuck lens fixed by "Home Electronics & Comm" at the Yorkgate Mall, northwest corner at Finch & Jane in Toronto, (416)665-5126. They repaired it for under $75 each time! Ask for Gohar.

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How do you force the lens to centre?

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Simon, this is an old question and not to many people look in here. Your question appears like an answer. If you need some help with your camera, click on the link on the right side of this page "Ask a question" and give as much detail as possible, like what camera it is, what happened to it and what you have tried to fix it. Good Luck.


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