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A 5.5" smartphone by ZTE released September 2015.

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ZTE ZMAX 2 keeps powering on and off?

So earlier, my phone had gotten a little damp from the rain (water getting in my pocket) on the screen. Nothing bad happened to it, it's just when I woke up, it kept turning on and off. It would go halfway through the startup screen, then the AT&T screen, and then it would stop and go back again. I took the battery out, didn't work. Taking the AT&T card out itself didn't work. Letting it charge for an whole day, it didn't work. I tried to hard reset it, but it left it an vibrating mess, then back to the screen again. I'm thinking a replacement battery would do the trick?

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@welzky THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REPLYING! You are a hero.

I tried it, and once it took me to an black screen saying it's unresponsive (the first time). Before I could do anything, it shut off and went back to the start up screen + AT&T freakout. I am still trying, though!


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I am thinking from your history that some moisture have made its way inside the phone. I suggest you also try to blow dry the phone from the rear with open battery compartment with the hope to dry up the inside. Moisture might mess around with the phone's electronics. You can literally use a hair dryer but try to avoid blowing the screen and too much heat on one spot, move the dryer around.

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