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Why is my wifi signal very week?

I put in a glowing apple logo in my iPhone 6 and broke my lock ribben cable and some where along the way I weekined my wifi signal I want to know the place of the connector to mak sure that it's not loose.

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I don't fully understand how you damaged your power flex but it sounds like you also managed to knock some parts loose on the antenna. Here is a picture of how the antenna system should look. My guess is you took off one of the pieces or knocked it loose:

For a glow mod, all you do is disconnect the battery, remove the screen, remove the battery and stick the thing on. You should have been near any of that stuff.

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I do know how I ripped the lock cable my screw driver slipped and tore part of it. And thank you I'm about to see what if anything is moved or missing in my phone


I realized that one of the screws is missing but from the center of the panel that you take of to remove the screen. Think this could be causing this?


Well I once had the same problem but I had to get a new phone just because of that!! Myb parents made me get a new phone!


I do have a spare 4 I don't care that much about do u think I could salvage a screw that would fit for the old 4 that would fit the center screw hole on the screen panel on my 6?


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