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Why does my Isight Camera Shake & make an Audible clicking Noise

I succesfully completed at the beginning of July replacing my cracked screen. After purchasing an iPhone 6 Plus LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly Fix Kit with isight camera from Ifixit, my phone was back up and running. I've been using my Isight camera for the last month or so without any issue until today. For no reason i.e. Havent dropped, knocked or damaged the phone, my Isight Camera has began shaking & making an audible clicking noise. This only occurs when the phone is held in horizontal position and with any photo app.

Is this issue related to hardware or software and has anyone experienced, rectified this fault?

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Whats an 'Isight' camera? No idea what that is. Is it front or back camera?


Ben, iSight is the name Apple uses for the rear-facing camera on i devices


Okay, sounds like a hardware fault on the rear camera. Possibly not mounted properly with the screw and metal bracket.


Thanks Ben.

Glad to know that its hardware and ill try your advice to see if thats the issue.

I also read that Apple has an Isight camera replacement program for certain Iphones and my phone's serial number falls within the eligible criteria.

Do you know if by having replaced my screen that voids their assistance?


Yep pretty sure that voids warranty. They most likely can tell if the screen is aftermarket or it has been opened before.


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You voided your warranty when you replaced your screen. Very common issue with the rear camera, you just need to replace. Takes like 5 minutes. Make sure to not over tighten the camera cover.

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