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Unlock when press Display. Random Unlock like pressing Sleep Button.

iPhone 6 Plus, a replacement device that apple gave to me.

The Problem:

Random Sleep / Lock Screen after a drop, 0.5m height without screen damage. It like a constanly pressing and releasing the Power Button, sometimes it goes to "slide to turn off" like a ling press. . It happens sometimes a day, its not constant.

No contact with water.

I realized that when a press the screen near the power button is like Im pressing the power button itself, the device locks/unlocks, or take print screen if Im pressing the Home Button. Is like the button is so sensitive that it counts when I press the display. But sometimes it goes wild and don't respond to the button it self.

The Power Button physically works fine and lock and unlock ok, but when a crisis start sometimes the button stops working. 6-10 crisis a day. Every time a press the display near the power button the result is like Im pressing the button.

A small local repair service replaced the power flat cable, but didn't solve it, so they said that was nothing wrong inside and blamed the logic board, There was no signs of water contact inside.

I stopped using cases and Im trying to avoid touch the screen near the power button or use the power button itself.

Any ideias, guys? Give me some thoughts

ps. I just dropped my phone and the display is almost totally wrecked, but touch works, I can still see things. Replacing it in Brazil cost a heck lot of money, but I can afford it, and away cheaper than a new phone.

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Its a Power Button problem or a Display problem?

Flex was replaced, they tried 2 flex cables and the craziness continued.

What would you do?

Send it to a bigger repair service? To do what? Another flex and another display to see if everything goes away.

Im thinking about fix everything or nothing. The phone is usable with its shattered display and sometimes crazy power button ( or crazy display?).

Im writing about this situation because was hard to find another iPhone in the same case as mine.


Update and Resolution

The technician in a bigger repair service said that the Display was somehow pressing the flat cable and the flat cable was scratched causing somehow a "short circuit".

The flat cable was out of stock so wasn't replaces yet, but the display was replaced .

Has been 24 hours now and no symptoms of unlock madness. I was recommended to replace the flat cable, I will do so.

Facts: It seems that was a conjunction of display and flat cable. It was not a logic board fault.


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I had my screen replaced after water damage... Was fine for 3 weeks, then the random lock thing started happening. After seeing so any people having the same problem, and trying the million suggetions to fix it, nothing worked... the only thing that has ended up working for me is turning on the accessibility shortcut button. Set one of its functions to do the screen lock.

I think the iPhone will then look to that exclusively for the locking functionality rather than looking to the hardware switch.

Downside: you have that annoying icon on your screen

Upside: you're phone doesn't &&^&^$^ lock and try to shutdown every 5 seconds....

Hope this helps

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