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O iPhone 5s da Apple foi anunciado em 10 de setembro de 2013. O reparo deste dispositivo é semelhante ao de modelos anteriores e requer chaves e ferramentas de abertura. Disponível como GSM ou CDMA / 16, 32 ou 64 GB / nas cores prata, dourado e cinza espacial.

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Replacement screws, how do I measure them?

Hello guys, this time I am here to know if there is an easy way to measure the screws in a set of replacement screws for iPhone 5s.

Thing is I only need the ones holding the home button bracket (1.4mm #000 phillips); the ones holding the battery connector bracket (1.6mm #000 phillips); the ones holding the front panel assembly cable bracket (1.7, 1.7, 1.3 and 1.2mm #000 phillips); the ones holding the earpiece speaker bracket (4.0 and 2.3mm #000 phillips); and the one securing the back of the display assembly to the LCD plate shield (2.7mm #000 phillips).

So I need to know which one is which.

Any help?


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@caraneday looks like they have been measured by the total length. The only way to measure them properly is by using a vernier caliper. Not an expensive one time investment....

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@oldturkey03 thanks, I'd thought the same but... how accurately would that be? I mean, there are 1.2 and 1.3mm; and the caliper has an error range, so a 1.2mm might be seen as 1.3mm right? :(


Sure it could but that's a bit high for a vernier error rate. If that would happen then all of them would measure longer. It's never easy to get all of it right when we did not have a chance to sort the screws during dismantle or if they get mixed up. Toughest part of that job......


@oldturkey03 any brand you suggest? a digital ideally :P


Not sure where you are locatesd I'd go with a digital rweadout since that will speed up your work and you do not have to struggle with either metric or imperial


@oldturkey03 thank you so much!


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you’ll need to pay attention to the screw diameter. and a digital caliper such as Harbor Freight sells will save you a lot of pain an guessing.

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