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Fourth generation Samsung Android tablets. Released in 2014.

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Power button cracked inside

How do I repair the silver plate that holds the power button in?

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Do you have some pictures?

usually the buttons on these things are replaceable and just sit in the metal frame. If you are talking about the metal frame being broken you may have to be a little more creative on the repair as the frames for these devices are not cheap.


Yep it's the metal frame.

Do you know what I should search for to purchase please I have no idea.

Many thanks


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It looks as if this part comes with the button and bracket installed already from the picture. It's a bit more that just the button and bracket but its all that I could find here.

Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Screen

Good luck.

Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Screen Imagem


Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Screen


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