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An Android-based HTC smartphone, first released in 2011. (Also known as the HTC Sensation 4G.)

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HTC Sensation Dead Boot /Won't turn on


My HTC Sensation is bricked after a custom rom update.

there is no way to power it on because somehow the hboot got deleted.

when i plug it in to my PC i can access it via QPST and could restore everything but i can't find a (suitable) qcn file.

i already tried the htc unbrick project but it failed

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Wow...I haven't seen a Sensation in forever!

I'm not a pro at rooting HTC phones, Samsung are my specialty. However, search xda-developers for your phone and there should be a help thread with unbricking guides. It doesn't sound like you are hard bricked, just soft bricked. If the computer sees the phone, there is still signs of life!

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i know... the problem is that the phone is completely wiped and the unbricking guide all require a working bootloader/fastboot


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