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HD action camera with touchscreen LCD, released October 5, 2014.

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Where are some good places to get repairs done?

So I did the stupid thing of not putting the waterproof case on like so many people and my camera got submerged in fresh water. Did the blow dryer trick and left it in rice for a week. Tried to turn it on with no luck. Looked inside and holy $@$* corrosion. Don't think I have the skills to fix myself...maybe I'll try if I get ideas. Anyone have ideas where I could get repairs done. I'm hoping just corrosion. I'm going on a big trip this next weekend and I was really hoping the first two things would have fixed it. Please help!

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The rice method is good but even better is to take it apart immediately and clean it directly using

Isopropyl Alcohol.

At this point you need to immediately take it apart and using a toothbrush with Isopropyl Alcohol

remove the corrosion. The corrosion will continue to happen and it will damage even further.

If the damage is just to the gold fingers you can always use a silver epoxy to fix it. I think there are some

gopro repair videos on this site. Just take a look at the videos and see if its something you can do.

All you need is time and patience.

After cleaning the unit you may be able to determine where the continuity has been broken or the area(s)

that are damaged.

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You actually think rice is a "good method"?!?!


Isopropyl Alcohol is the best method as i recommended and is the method i would use in this case. Just my opinion.


Rice is for eating and nothing else if you feel the necessity to dry it out use in a desiccant or silica gel . Over time we have come to realize the value of not drying out a device and it only leads to corrosion on the circuit board. cleaning with IP alcohal or distilled water in an ultrasonic bath can lead to more favorable results


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Use this method ASAP:

Electronics Water Damage

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